Model: 3/9ML
Serial Number: 4310 (Aprox. 1987)
Date Purchased: 09/13/2004

Silver D.Calicchio Los Angeles. I bought it used off ebay. Just received today 9/13/2004 and it sounds great. Sound is soulful, delicate but powerful at the same time. I will use it soon on my jazz gig or jam session in NYC. I don`t know too much history. It came from Tucson, Arizona and I was told by the seller that it was manufactured in November 1987. I remember having a friend at my jazz school back in the days and he was always proud to own his Calicchio. I played lots of various brands but never owned a Calicchio before and this one is a great addition to my horns collection.

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Cory Distefano
Cory hails from the culturally rich city of New Or (more)

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