Model: 1S/2-ML
Serial Number: 6233 (Aprox. 1999)
Date Purchased: 01/15/2004

I am Bob Strickland, trumpet player from the Seattle area. I traded a Lawler custom trumpet for the Calicchio 1S2; the Calicchio being too bright for the previous owner. My tone is inherently dark, so the 1S2 is perfect for me, with its big core and nice edge. I use Warburton 4 tops and Schilke 15 pieces, depending on how much I have been playing. This particular horn rivals the old Bessons for beauty of tone and projection, and it allows me the lightness for fast bebop passages. I was presented a chance to buy a Calicchio in 1974, but being in graduate school, I could not afford one. I wish I had been able to, as my 1S2 is the easiest playing horn I have ever had. Congratulations to John Duda for associating himself with one of the greatest names in music; he can go nowhere but up!

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