Model: Custom Chuck Findley 1-S2
Serial Number: 6846
Date Purchased: 07/03/1991

A couple of years ago, my friend Josh was looking for a new horn. At the time, he was attending school at the University of Washington under the lessons of Vizzutti. So he went out and bought this Findley model and has been playing it for the past couple years. But now he is currently playing in the U.S. Navy Band and just got another horn. And I have been looking for a horn for the past few months. So my band teacher who also plays a Calicchio found this for sale on www.trumpetherald.com so he told me about it. And then on Christmas Eve, my Dad and I met my teacher for breakfast, and suprised me because he was there and we bought it on the spot. But now I am blowing some lead and some 4th part in the Stevens Middle School Jazz Band.

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