Model: 3L Bell # 7 lead pipe
Serial Number: 2150
Date Purchased: 12/12/2000

I purchase this horn on ebay in 2000 sight unseen. Worth every penny and more. 20 years before that I was touring and one of the guys in the section had a horn about the same vintage. I tried his and couldn't put it down. When I saw this horn I told the seller about my search for that "special horn" and asked point blank "should I by this horn". He had a one word answer " yes". I had previously tried a few Calicchios and owned at least 10 other horns all excellent but had never made such a purchase especially without trying the horn. The insanity got the better of me. I bought it. Well - the seller turned out to be Alfred Dutt. The horn did it all for him and he been as faithful to me as well. A real pleasure to play. Feels very similar to one of my pre war Bessons.

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