Model: 1B
Serial Number: 1631
Date Purchased: 04/09/2008

I love how responsive this horn is. It has a lively, rich, and beautiful tone. The person I bought this from states that the following is from an email from Calicchio: QUOTE 1631 puts the horn in the late fifties, either '58 or '59, I would guess. All that the book says about that horn is that it has a medium large bore. Domenick was not that great with records... The "S" would imply that there was something special about the horn. Perhaps someone wanted a particular tweak done. Chances are that it is a very light model, although the trigger might add a bit of weight. Domenick sometimes put valve slide stop rods on horns in the fifties, but for the most part, he was entering his "very light" stage, as evidenced by the 1B bell. The 1 bell has a very tight taper which gives the horn a lot of projection with a very bright sound. To add body to the sound, Domenick used bronze ("B") as a bell material. The increased copper content adds warmth to the sound. Bronze, when used in a bell tends to be a thinner gauge, so that removes a bit of weight also. Unfortunately, it sounds like this is from the era before Domenick started numbering his leadpipes. It could be that the "S" means that he used a 7 pipe, which would have added a bit of warmth, also. The gold lacquer was probably standard clear lacquer back in the day, but with time, lacquer gets golder. Thanks very much, Dave Johnson Calicchio Musical Instruments Inc. Earl Williams Custom Trombones END QUOTE

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