Model: 1SL
Serial Number: 2104 (Aprox. 1971)
Date Purchased: 06/10/1978

A former student bought this from Jerome Callet while in High School. Three years after graduation he called me and asked me if I would like to buy his Calicchio. I did.D.A.Calicchio is stamped twice on the valve casing, and hopefully makes it more of a collector's trumpet. I like the way it plays so much that in June /02 I purchased a Calicchio Flugelhorn From Roger Keiperat Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center, Wheaton,Md. Every player that tries my Calicchio Tpt. or Flug. wants to buy them. They are not for sale. Musically Yours Ralph C.Bill

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Cory hails from the culturally rich city of New Or (more)

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