Model: 1 S/? ML
Serial Number: 6970
Date Purchased: 05/02/2004

I purchased this instrument from a jazz colleague of mine, for many years aware of the quality of Calicchio horns, but not having previous opportunity to play one or own one for myself. It is indeed a majestic instrument, and I am currently using it in combination with a Rudy Muck mouthpiece. I am a little uncertain as to the history and classification of this particular model and would appreciate any assistance with regard to this. It is marked 1S on the bell, and on the second valve there is the number 6970, followed by ML (?medium/large bore) I am delighted to have made this purchase, and any assistance in further identification would surely assist my enjoyment of this fine instrument!

Featured Artist
Cory Distefano
Cory hails from the culturally rich city of New Or (more)

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