Model: #2/Lead Pipe not stamped ML
Serial Number: 1842 (Aprox. 1967)
Date Purchased: 06/11/2003

I have owned and sold many Calicchio's over the years. One's made by Domenick, Irma, and Chris. Wouldnt you know that the one I didnt buy was the best one I have ever played! I was on vacation with my KIDS going to Cedar Point to ride the roller coaster, and we stopped in a WW&BW to buy my youngest son, the percussionist, some cymbals. So, while he was across the building in the sound proof, cymbal room, I thought I would play a few horns. Most of the ones, of different makers, I did not like, then I came to a brand new, I opened the plastic wrap, a Calicchio 1s/2 lead pipe S# 6504. What a sound, the bottom, middle, high, and altissimo registers were all the same timbre, Brilliant and edgy, the sound I had had in my head, growing up in LA and listening to Gozzo, and Glen Stuart, and Walt Johnson when I worked in Vegas. My son, come across that large show room to the practice room and said, Dad is that you? I can hear you in the sound proof cymbal room what are you playing? But I was on vacation and it was costing my a lot, I have four KIDS, and didnt want to spend another $1650.00, what a mistake. When I came to my senses and realized what I had had in my hand and play, I called WW&BW and they said someone had heard me playing that horn, had the same impression I did, and bought it. Now I have been reading about the new Tulsa Calicchios and understand that John is turning out some great horns. The Dave Trigg model will be my next Calicchio. Here are some more pictures the S# 1842 that I play now. http://www.cpinternet.com/lsteven1/Calicchio-1842_1.jpg http://www.cpinternet.com/lsteven1/Calicchio-1842_2.jpg http://www.cpinternet.com/lsteven1/Calicchio-1842_3.jpg http://www.cpinternet.com/lsteven1/Calicchio-1842_4.jpg http://www.cpinternet.com/lsteven1/Calicchio-1842_5.jpg Best of Wishes, Lowell Stevenson Owner FoKus Mouthpieces http://www.fokusmouthpieces.com email@fokusmouthpieces.com

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